Thursday, 10 May 2018

Sissy Maid Rules

Here's some rules that My sissy maid and I have developed and are testing.

We did copy from some other sites, but other rules are our own.

Feel free to comment and offer advice.

Sissy Rules

· Voice Control: no speaking unless spoken to. No complaining or making statements about what sissy will or will not do or what sissy likes or does not like unless directly asked for this information by Mistress.

· If Owner/Mistress has started a conversation with slave/maid while the maid is neither completing a chore nor in hir corner, she is to kneel near but out of the way of Mistress’s movements.

· Eating and drinking is to be done standing at the kitchen sink unless Mistress gives other instructions.

· Sissy Duties: Vacuuming, dusting, sorting things out as instructed, changing beds, mopping floors, cleaning windows, laundry, sorting Mistress’s lingerie (only if specifically instructed) tidying the play room, sorting out kitchen cupboards and drawers. Cooking meals as instructed, and serving those meals to Mistress and pet. Making tea and coffee and serving those to Mistress and guests. Massaging guests as required. Body and foot massages for Mistress. Footstool for Mistress.

· Available for Mistress and guests to use in any way whatever at any time. (safeword applies)

· Time when Mistress has given no instructions is to be spent making sissy as pretty and presentable as possible to Mistress. Studying massage. Studying makeup application. Nail polish application and decoration. Sissy may sit near Mistress’s feet on a low stool while studying.

· Sissy must be in panties and a bra minimum. Unless commanded otherwise.

· Sissy must keep shaved clean under hir panties at all times.

· Sissy must curtsey when called, when owner enters the room, and upon returning from a chore.

· Unless sissy is told otherwise, sissy is to stand quietly in a designated corner upon returning from a chore. Or kneel near Mistress for further instructions.

· Sissy is to NEVER watch the news or tv, and may only use Internet to look at sissy stuff, or to study massage or cleaning methods.

· Sissy is not allowed to make decisions, or have any opinions except to agree with hir owner.

· Sissy Maid is to never leave house without permission.

· Sissy must be in full uniform including tights and headband, shoes and light makeup when serving.

· Sissy Maid is to not to speak without permission while in uniform.

· Maid is to bend over immediately and drop panties to be whipped, be it for punishment or your pleasure.

· Sissy must never talk back, argue or disagree with owner.

· Sissy owns nothing and has no rights.

· Sissy is forbidden from any non sissy related activities. (These are male type activities.)

· Any spare time can be spent in the corner, or shaving and keeping sissy fresh.
Sissy is not to masturbate without permission, and when permission is given, it must be done in a slutty humiliating sissy way that reinforces hir position.

If you are in NZ and fancy undergoing sissy maid training like this, contact Madam at her email iam.madamx at

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Double Jeopardy

Call 022 317 3310 

Sessions to be held at Mistress Dior's lovely dungeon in Auckland New Zealand.
Starting July 2017
Continuing Indefinitely 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Fake vs Real, One website vs another

Collarspace vs Fetlife: Some people say one is better than the other.
I'm not sure why this would be since the sites in theory would attract similar kinds of people.
I do like the attitude of the Fetlife webslaves though, friendly and fun in their default messages. Also they allow professionals to have professional profiles and collarspace doesn't.
Perhaps there are more fake people worldwide on Collarspace than upon Fetlife? I'm not sure but I certainly have met a lot of perfectly decent kinksters on Collarspace over the years.

As a Domina I find it pays to develop a thick skin, good boundaries, a decent amount of cynicism and a sense of humor.
I'm laughing at some pointless drip who started emailing Me on C-space and their profile was set as a Fem Domme but the person running this profile admitted that he was actually a male subbie with a mohair fetish.
Lies are the first FAIL for Moi. It doesn't take my intuition long to discover the desire, the weakness, the give-away of the fake profile.
I'm a real life, real time Domina.
The kind of woman who carries a sharp knife and handcuffs in my handbag.
As my subs will testify, my imagination is my most dangerous side.
Rest assured, fake morons of collarspace - you get no free rides with me.

I have neglected Fet life, I'm not sure why, simply that my life is very busy and so therefore online communities are using up time I really don't have.
Certainly by permitting groups of locals to be created Fetlife is enhancing the ability of people in localities to actually find each other in real life which I think is a very good thing.
However if you are one of those millions who like to create a fake profile with a fake set of preferences in order to pursue an online interest then Collarspace is evidently an excellent bet, as no doubt, many have discovered.
I have a vision of these time wasters: Someone overweight, unemployed, possibly living in mom's basement. someone who spends a lot of time on the internets living an electronic life because real life : which involves effort is too much for their courage. 
In fact creating and maintaining a collection of fake profiles is probably the limit of their creativity and courage. I don't know what gender they are, maybe it doesn't matter as they don't have a sex life anyhow.
I feel sad for some people I know who have traveled across the world to meet one of these fake people, to discover that; when confronted with the likelihood of actually meeting someone they have cultivated an online relationship with for years, that person simply vanishes.
The honest betrayed by the dishonest. Does a fake person get pleasure out of betraying and defrauding an honest person? I can only conclude that they do. Sad but true. YMMV but for me. That's why I'm always going to be a real time real life person.
There's enough fakes and liars in that limited arena. Sad but also true.
What do you think? Is Alt-sex better than either of these websites for connecting to real people? If you are a fake profiler, what kinds of pleasure does misleading someone else give you?
What happens when fake meets fake? Is it a match made in heaven or hell?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Madam X, Domina how to find me.

Here's a couple of places to find other images and ads of mine.

I enjoy my job too much

I enjoy my job too much, some say, watching me teasing, tormenting, giving pain and pleasure.
I love dressing up sissies, putting makeup on them, choosing clothing, stockings, panties, shoes, a pretty wig and seeing them look into the mirror and see a very different person looking back. 

I like the feeling I get when I give a man whose sexuality has been ignored and un-used, neglected - a reason to have a terrific orgasm. 
I fulfill fantasies for people several times a week. It's fun, never dull and I enjoy it.
NB for newbies - there's no 'usual' session - ever.
This week I have dressed sissies and put people in severe bondage, stretched fuck holes and teased cocks. I have inserted needles and applied makeup, dripped hot wax and caned until hot raised welts appeared with white centre strips. 
Next week it could be electro-play, chastity, plastic wrap bondage and strap on play. The sissy may only want panties, pink frilly panties. 
It's always different. I like that.

I like maid's outfits like this, what do you like?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Chastity Training

I do like training my slave/subs to take chastity.
A big part of this challenge is to find a chastity device that actually fits the sub. That is your first mission in your journey of chastity and submission, find a good long term comfortable device that holds your parts securely, can be cleaned without removing, and is able to be hidden under your everyday clothes.
I enjoy thinking of my slave at work, with his parts locked up by me, everytime he goes to the toilet he is reminded that he is MY property, MY possession, MY submissive chattel. I carry the key on my car keys and so I get to look at it every day too.
Another part of submission I enjoy is knowing my slave is wearing slutty panties all day at work. It thrills me to think of the lacy satin fabric snug around his parts, reminding him that he is MINE, that he is wearing these panties all day for me and that it is our secret. No one else will know.
Secrets, delicious secrets....

Call Madam 022 *317 *3310 if you are in New Zealand, for chastity and sissy training.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The kinky journey of life.

I spent a pleasant few days recently in the company of another Mistress. We shared our experiences of kinky slaves, pets and property. Our journey to become Dominatrix was via different paths and what featured clearly was our intention to be who WE ARE.
Not to follow some grey median set by society.
In considering my new sissy I see a person who has many roles in life and the task of integrating all of them including the desires of hir heart is an interesting and sometimes taxing task.
It's confusing being several different people - we are taught that we should be ONE person... however few people are simply one thing. Most people contain within themselves contradictions, direct oppositions, clashes and desires which are repellant at times and magnetically attractive at other times.
Each person has a different journey. Some people find fulfilment of their dreams and fantasies, others find exploring themselves a nightmare and fall prey to substances.
Some prefer to keep their real needs hidden, others are happy to play publicly and allow their friends and family to accept or reject them.
When people reject you it is actually a good thing - someone who will reject you for your personal choices which you aren't imposing on them is a person you don't need in your life.
As a man with dreadlocks once said to me - My dreads keep the kind of people away from me whom I wouldn't like anyway. 
How is your journey going? Are you always going to be an online poseur or will you have the guts to try out your dreams in real time and real life?
Will you try once and run away or keep on seeking that magical beloved - the right person/people for you?
Enjoy the journey - you will be richer at the end.